The swimming pool

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Pool with view of the mountains

A swimming pool? Responsible tourism? Can they go together? Is it better to swim in Dindigul’s drinking water source or to swim in a purpose -built pool? Our swimming pool was designed and constructed by a world renowned and well respected French company It was also planned for a minimum long-term impact on the environment. The disturbance to the subsoil was minimal. The pre-pressed supports for the concrete used a modern composite strong enough to ensure rigid walls but using the smallest possible amount of cement. The trouble with tiled… Read more »

Butterflies in the pool garden

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An advantage of Cardamom House is its rich variety of habitats and associated photographic opportunities. The variety of butterflies to be photographed changes as the day advances. In addition, the varieties change from week to week as different flowers come into bloom. It is such a luxury to be able to sit on the verandah or in the garden, camera at the ready, and have your subject visit you!