Barking Deer

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Barking Deer are becoming regular visitors on the hillside behind Cardamom House, where there is good cover in the dense vegetation. Occasionally they appear in the clearings above the rocks. More often, we hear them but don’t spot them!

Giant Squirrels

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Over the last few months giant squirrels have been spotted at Cardamom House and in the surrounding gardens and countryside. Their body is roughly the size of European domestic cat. with the tail the same length again.   This is evidence that, as the valley becomes more vegetated, the flourishing habitat is proving hospitable to a wider range of wild life.   Thanks, Polpandi, for taking these photographs.

The swimming pool

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The swimming pool’s pump is now run by solar power. Because we are blessed with such good light, the photovoltaic cells operate the pump for free! Even during a heavy rain storm, the pump continues its work. However, there have been additional benefits. Because the pump operates for so long each day, the purity of the water is being maintained with out having to use massive doses of chemicals. The environment is continuing to evolve. Bee-eaters and drongos are frequently seen diving for insects. The variety of butterflies in the… Read more »