We hope to promote responsible tourism and eco-tourism. We also have concerns about carbon emissions and global warming.


Due to the highly irregular supply and fluctuating voltage of the mains current supplied by the Central Electricity Board, it is essential that we use our large (40,000 Watts) standby generator in order to provide power for the air-conditioning units. However, it is impractical to run this for 24 hours out of 24 as it needs to cool down – and also to be refuelled.

Being ecologically-orientated, we do not wish to cause excessive damage to Planet Earth’s already fragile environment by unnecessarily burning fossil fuels. Therefore, we have adopted a policy to use a/c units only after dinner, at night-time, when they are needed to sleep. This is from approximately 2100 hrs to 0700 hrs the next morning.


What is responsible tourism?

We are working within the ethos of the 2002 Cape Town Declaration on Responsible Tourism in Destinations. We aim to:

  • minimise negative economic, environmental and social impacts;
  • generate greater economic benefits for local people and enhance the well being of host communities;
  • involve local people in decisions that effect their lives and life chances;
  • make positive contributions to the conservation of nature and cultural heritage, embracing diversity;
  • provide more enjoyable experiences for tourists through meaningful connections with local people, and a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues;
  • be culturally sensitive, encourage respect between tourists and hosts, and build local pride and confidence.
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