Things to do in and around Cardamom House

There are so many things to do at Cardamom House. You can spend the day locally, visit the nearby village of Athoor or go on half or full day trips. Cardamom House is ideal for relaxation and contemplation. Hours can be whittled away reading, writing, sketching, photographing and watching the world go by. The swimming pool (11m x 6m x 1.5 m) has a separated children’s access area. There are sun loungers and a shaded area. There is a sports area for volleyball and badminton. You can walk around the lake or climb up to the Sadayandi Temple a cave,… Read more »

Going on a picnic!

What do you do when you fancy a change of scene and a slightly cooler environment? You go on a picnic of course. A group of us headed into the hills, returning via Padrimalai. It gave us a chance to look at the other side of our mountain.  

Things to do: Tour of Athoor Village

When possible, we offer an optional guided tour of Athoor Village. This cannot be pre-booked. If interested please contact a staff member. The tour is conducted by an experienced guide, generally in the morning, as there is more to see and it’s cooler. Things to be seen change from day to day. For example, schools are closed on Sundays. On the tour you might visit the goat herders’ village; the local primary school; Athoor Village Square; the Catholic Church; small temples. Local industries include brick making and chamber kilns; sari making on… Read more »

Things to do: Half and full day trips

Ideas for half and full day trips include DINDIGUL for the flower market, the UNESCO world heritage Fort and a small insight into life in an important market town (half day or longer); MADURAI for the Meenakshi Temple, the Tamukkam Palace and the Gandhi Museum (full day); PALANI for the Dandayudhapani Temple (full day); KODAIKANAL, a hill station, from where there are fine views across the plains (full day).    

The swimming pool

Pool with view of the mountains

A swimming pool? Responsible tourism? Can they go together? Is it better to swim in Dindigul’s drinking water source or to swim in a purpose -built pool? Our swimming pool was designed and constructed by a world renowned and well respected French company It was also planned for a minimum long-term impact on the environment. The disturbance to the subsoil was minimal. The pre-pressed supports for the concrete used a modern composite strong enough to ensure rigid walls but using the smallest possible amount of cement. The trouble with tiled… Read more »

Textile artist inspired by stay

British textile artist, Isabelle king, has been inspired by the colours and textures that she saw while on her visit at Cardamom House. She has spent almost eighty hours designing multimedia pages, depicting kingfishers, peacocks, insects and pomegranates as well as developing designs prompted by the many colours of sari material. She has also used ink blocks to print patterns on silk, bought in SKCs in Dindigul. The knot on a wooden door led to another piece of work. Some work shows her fascination with Tamil script. The staff of… Read more »