The Golden Hour Again

Landscape photographers will know that the hour around dusk is often described as the golden hour, because of the quality of the light. This description is particularly true after a thunder storm, as these images show. The back-lit clouds drift over the ridges and descend into the valleys, as the sun begins to sink below the horizon. These photographs were taken from the verandah, so there is no need to trek into the countryside. Here, at Cardamom House, you can take your prize-winning shots from the comfort of a chair!… Read more »

Get inspired

A few months ago, the caterpillars were eating the remnants of the last season’s plants. It seems magical. The plant stock has increased in size and now we have an enormous clump of these lines, waiting for you to photograph them. Shankar, Samy and Di have already been inspired!.

Barking Deer

Barking Deer are becoming regular visitors on the hillside behind Cardamom House, where there is good cover in the dense vegetation. Occasionally they appear in the clearings above the rocks. More often, we hear them but don’t spot them!

Night photography

Cardamom House is an ideal place for night photography as it is free from light pollution. Kumar has been taking photographs of flowers at night on his smart phone.       Here is Pandi’s photograph of the moon on a hand held camera. We are looking forwards to a full moon.           Or set out at dusk on a still evening to look across the lake from the dam.  

Night photography

Here at Cardamom House we have many opportunities for night photography. Clear skies mean that we can capture images of the stars, or the moon.         The pool provides a good place to focus on lights and reflections. By using a tripod and strong torchlight we manage to paint with light.

The golden hour

Photographers will be familiar with the term, ‘the golden hour’, as it relates to the magical light qualities around dawn and dusk. Cardamom House is ideally situated for photographing the changing lights as they smother the wakening lake at dawn, and the melting sun as it slips behind the Western Ghats into Kerala. However, we have additional golden hours. The canopy of stars on a clear night can be breath taking. From the roof we have watched and photographed the eclipse of the sun. We have also enjoyed a private… Read more »

Dawn at the Lake

Dawn is an amazing time to walk down to the lake. Many birds are waking up or feeding. The waters are often still, giving opportunities to photograph reflections. The recent poor quality of the monsoon has meant that open water is in great demand. Painted stork and a range of heron are still at the lake. As you walk along the shore, yellow-wattled lapwing wheel overhead, warning of intrusions into  nesting areas.

Butterflies in the pool garden

An advantage of Cardamom House is its rich variety of habitats and associated photographic opportunities. The variety of butterflies to be photographed changes as the day advances. In addition, the varieties change from week to week as different flowers come into bloom. It is such a luxury to be able to sit on the verandah or in the garden, camera at the ready, and have your subject visit you!    

Photography tours

Over the last few years the beauty of the locations and the wealth of opportunities close to Cardamom House has meant that we have been visited as a part of a photographic tour. For example, Charlie Waite has brought two Light and Land Tours to Cardamom House. The participants have spent time photographing sari-clad women slipping through the palms, while discovering the intricacies of accurately capturing the vibrant colours and delicate light. With Pandi, they have explored the village. Some of their images have won prizes in competitions. Some participants have also taken… Read more »

Keen photographers.

All the staff are keen photographers. Samy noticed that migrating butterflies had gathered on a root, possibly to feed on the rich mixture, contained in it, in preparation for the mating season. Meanwhile, Murugesan (Muggy) has been taking close-ups of sunbirds and Pandi has been pursuing mynah birds, as well as doing dawn and dusk trips to the lake, monitoring the bird life. Polpandi can boast being the only member of the team to successfully photograph a hoopoe. He and Shankar have also recorded the growth of tailor birds from hatchling… Read more »