Renovated Bullet

One of our two iconic diesel Royal Enfield Bullets has been renovated to its original condition. In 1965, manufacture of these bikes was bought by an Indian company, based in Chennai. The diesel Bullet is becoming an increasingly rare marque.   At Cardamom House, the Bullets are in regular use, transporting staff members backwards and forwards to Athoor and surrounding villages and towns . It is often laden with provisions.  

Cardamom House Celebrates

What a night! We celebrated twenty years of Cardamom House and Shankar’s fortieth birthday. Shankar has been with us since the start. We also celebrated a guest’s birthday. We had a puja, fireworks, mutton biryani and of course a cake, with candles. Thanks to our wonderful team who made it such a memorable and enjoyable evening, and our photographer, Pandi.

Celebrating 55 years of marriage

On Friday 27th February, Jack and Mary George from Birmingham, UK, celebrated 55 years of marriage at Cardamom House. They were presented with mala, showered with rose petals and cut a cake baked by Peryasamy. The Cardamom House Team serenaded them with “Happy Anniversary to you”.  

A pooja

A pooja is part of the everyday rituals of all practicing Hindus. Many of us have a room, or a corner of the house set aside specially for holding the ritual. During a pooja the following happens. A bronze temple bell is rung by the devotee on entry to the Temple. The tilak consisting of sandalwood paste & red powder is applied to the forehead at the start of the pooja. Incense sticks are burnt to symbolize the ever presence of the Lord. Camphor pellets are burnt. As  these melt and burn they symbolize… Read more »

Ganesh Day

Pandi and Chris explain what happens on Ganesh Day Ganesh, the Elephant God, is probably one of the best loved of the enormous pantheon of Hindu Deities. He is credited with the ability to remove obstacles. He is the patron of learning, God of wisdom and gives success and protection against adversity! He is known by many different names across India but we refer to him as Ganesh.Once each year there is an important festival dedicated to him. In the larger towns and cities effigies are built and painted with different… Read more »

The swimming pool

The swimming pool’s pump is now run by solar power. Because we are blessed with such good light, the photovoltaic cells operate the pump for free! Even during a heavy rain storm, the pump continues its work. However, there have been additional benefits. Because the pump operates for so long each day, the purity of the water is being maintained with out having to use massive doses of chemicals. The environment is continuing to evolve. Bee-eaters and drongos are frequently seen diving for insects. The variety of butterflies in the… Read more »


Mangoes are now in season and we are picking them fresh from the trees in the garden … and, of course, eating them! There is always a race to collect as many mangoes as we can, before other people gather our fruit. Alfonso is a favourite variety for flavour. Next on the agenda is making some sweet mango chutney. The photo shows the farm being ploughed, in August 2012. The trees are now about six feet high, but are not yet mature enough to be in production. Imagine the feast in… Read more »

Wild Elephants at the Temple

Five wild elephants ended up at the dam at the beginning of the month. The dam is only one kilometre away from Cardamom House.  It may be the drought that forced them to go in search of water, or it maybe that their habitat has been destroyed by increased development. Elephants are very sensitive to human presence. They are also strong and can break through metal fences and trample houses and crops. Eventually they were driven up into the hills by people drumming. More wild life is being seen in the area…. Read more »

Lettuces and maintenance

This is now the hot season – a good time for maintenance. There’s painting to be done; paths and steps to be checked for safety; cupboards to be emptied, cleaned and sorted; and the vegetable garden to be tended. At the moment the lettuces are growing really well. The compost bin is filling rapidly. Spinach is regularly harvested for soups and as an addition to curry dishes. It  is also a time for checking and planning the different areas of the gardens and grounds.