Babblers are always around. They feed on insects, berries and seeds – and crumbs. Locally, they are known as the seven sisters, because they are usually in gangs of seven. The word ‘gang’ has been used advisedly. They are territorial and protect their patch noisily and sometimes violently. We’ve had an East Verandah Gang and a West Verandah Gang, but occasionally they change their territories. It’s almost impossible to distinguish the males and the females.

Regular visitors to the garden

Sunbirds are always around in the garden. They seem to focus on one flower colour and then move on to another colour when the first is in short supply. They will often come right up to the verandah, where guest are eating breakfast or reading a book. Robins are also regular visitors. They often build a nest in the gable of Valley House. Their red rump makes them different from the robins seen in Europe and in North America.         Peacocks regularly walk through the garden searching for… Read more »

The Indian Roller

For a number of days, we have watching a flash of turquoise swooping into the trees by the volleyball court. It was too big to be a kingfisher and there was no cackling scream, so we searched the bird books, and identified it as a roller. The bird had probably been attracted to the rich pickings of insects and small reptiles on the cleared land. In addition, there had been too much debris from our prunings of the garden’s trees and shrubs for the passing goats to eat, so Pandi had been… Read more »

Tailor Bird

Tailor Bird

A tailor bird has woven a nest right by the office door. We have spent hours watching the parents slipping in and out of the nest. The chicks have now left the nest. For a few hours they hid in the undergrowth, watched over by their parents, before finally leaving Cardamom House.