The monsoon failed and the temperatures are rising, yet there are still plenty of birds around. Yesterday morning guests watched as a flock of around twenty painted stork wheeled around above the remnants of Kamarajar Lake. Nearer to home, bee eaters have taken to diving into the pool.  

By the Lake

Those of you who know Samy will know that he loves walking. As the water levels in the lake drop, so more birds can be seen at the water’s edge looking for food. Mornings are one of the best times for bird photography on the lake shore. Meanwhile, by the pool, the wagtail is busy feeding its chicks. We have bird books to help in the identification of these visitors.

The season’s visitors

At Cardamom House we have a wide range of visitors.  Kumar and the rest of the staff team are always alert for new visitors  .Here are some of the most recent visitors.  We have so many bird books to check out the names of the birds. It is good to see that many of them have been attracted by a full Lake.  The painted stork is an exotic visitor, which roosts in colonies on the far shore.  


Yesterday, it was a woodpecker. Today it is a flycatcher. What will we see next in the neem tree behind the kitchen?   This time Pandi grabbed the camera.


We don’t often see the woodpecker. This one kept us amused for quite a while, as it performed acrobatics at the back of the kitchen! The photographers were Kumar and Shankar.

The Paradise Flycatcher

A small area of the garden shrubbery was cleared, giving room for the paradise flycatcher to visit us. Kumar took this photograph on his smart phone.

The Hoopoo

We have seen a hoopoo a few times over the past few weeks. It seems to like open spaces and searches for food on the ground.  It’s very shy and difficult to photograph, but Polpandi managed to capture it.

A variety of habitats

As the grounds around Cardamom House evolve, a variety of habitats are developing, ranging from shrub, to flower gardens, to more established trees and to open grassland. In addition we have views across the lake and up onto the hillside. This means we have a richness of birdlife. For a few nights a tailor bird rested at night beside our entrance driveway. A number of birds are currently nesting.

Bird watching


Bird watching can start from the breakfast table. Look out for the sunbirds on the hibiscus and the territorial gangs of babblers arguing over their territories. Look towards the lake and watch the painted storks rising in the thermals or eagles fishing. At night, listen for the nightjar. Keen ornithologists generally log over a hundred birds during their short stay. We have a range of habitats, such as garden, lakeside, river, farmland, scrubland and mountainside. Our staff are keen bird watchers and usually know where to find a nesting tailorbird… Read more »

Weaver Birds

Weaver birds have started to build in the trees by the main roof terrace. They have had a few fights over territory. Two nest are almost complete. The birds’ colouring suggests that they are breeding males. We wait to see if the nests will be occupied. Towards the lake another nest has been built. Pandi has been down to check out this one. He reports that this site is currently active. He has returned with photographs of an almost completed nest. We will be monitoring this to find out whether… Read more »