By the Lake

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Those of you who know Samy will know that he loves walking. As the water levels in the lake drop, so more birds can be seen at the water’s edge looking for food. Mornings are one of the best times for bird photography on the lake shore. Meanwhile, by the pool, the wagtail is busy feeding its chicks. We have bird books to help in the identification of these visitors.

Trip Advisor Award

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The team have again been awarded the Trip Advisor Award. Back on 1 January, the team donned their new uniforms, chosen by Chris, Shankar and Janet (a regular long stay guest). The selection provides an opportunity to ‘mix and match’. Guests have commented on the smart appearance of our staff. Since the New Year, we have been busy welcoming guests from Australia, France, Canada, Israel, the US, the UK. We have also been visited by tour agents, journalists and photographers. It has been a busy and satisfying time.  

Barking Deer

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We are fortunate to be surrounded to the north by forest lands. Occasionally,we hear a barking sound. In day light we might make out the shapes of a small feed of barking deer. At night, we can catch their eyes in our torchlight. When it’s a cool morning, we may see a troupe of monkeys warming themselves as the sun hots the rocks. They then move off in search of food. Fortunately we have a telescope so that we can take a better look at these shy animals.

The season’s visitors

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At Cardamom House we have a wide range of visitors.  Kumar and the rest of the staff team are always alert for new visitors  .Here are some of the most recent visitors.  We have so many bird books to check out the names of the birds. It is good to see that many of them have been attracted by a full Lake.  The painted stork is an exotic visitor, which roosts in colonies on the far shore.  

Party time

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When it’s quiet and most of the jobs are either completed or can wait until the next day, there are few things that we enjoy more than a family day, when the children can explore. learn to swim and maybe even produce some works of art. Meanwhile, the mothers and grandparents can chat, while their husbands cook a biryani.

Going on a picnic!

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What do you do when you fancy a change of scene and a slightly cooler environment? You go on a picnic of course. A group of us headed into the hills, returning via Padrimalai. It gave us a chance to look at the other side of our mountain.  


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Yesterday, it was a woodpecker. Today it is a flycatcher. What will we see next in the neem tree behind the kitchen?   This time Pandi grabbed the camera.


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We don’t often see the woodpecker. This one kept us amused for quite a while, as it performed acrobatics at the back of the kitchen! The photographers were Kumar and Shankar.

We’ve been busy

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Some booking sites are quoting ridiculous tariffs, so please check our Tariffs Page before booking. When its quieter, we are busy decorating the rooms. We are cutting back the plants so that there will be more flowers, butterflies and birds. This year the lily pond has been rebuilt and re-stocked. Take a look at Kumar’s night photography. We’ve also put in hand rails to make it easier to get around the house and gardens. The pool is, as always, crystal clear … ready for you to take a dip!  … Read more »

Night photography

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Cardamom House is an ideal place for night photography as it is free from light pollution. Kumar has been taking photographs of flowers at night on his smart phone.       Here is Pandi’s photograph of the moon on a hand held camera. We are looking forwards to a full moon.           Or set out at dusk on a still evening to look across the lake from the dam.