The grizzled giant squirrel settles in the valley

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For the grizzled giant squirrel high trees are an ideal habitat. The squirrels have taken up residence in a number of neighbour’s gardens. From time to time, they are seen at the Sadayandi Temple. They are on the ‘near threatened’ list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). At the moment our mixed habitats aren’t so suited to it, although Chris saw one sunning itself on the solar panel, by the pool.  

A new bed!

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Pondicherry Suite has been revamped with a new king-sized bed and deep sprung mattress. As you can see, there are new bed coverings. You might sleep with the elephants or with the peacocks!  


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The monsoon failed and the temperatures are rising, yet there are still plenty of birds around. Yesterday morning guests watched as a flock of around twenty painted stork wheeled around above the remnants of Kamarajar Lake. Nearer to home, bee eaters have taken to diving into the pool.  

Birthday celebrations

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Chris was eighty at the beginning of the month. He celebrated with the staff team and their families, joined by members of his family. Many happy returns, Chris!  


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Shiva has overlooked the pool for many months. The team decided that he should have a more venerated position. This entailed weeks of discussions until a design was agreed. Friends in Sembatti helped with creating the bamboo backdrop. The mason and staff team completed the dais…… and Shiva can now dance in splendour.    

The Golden Hour Again

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Landscape photographers will know that the hour around dusk is often described as the golden hour, because of the quality of the light. This description is particularly true after a thunder storm, as these images show. The back-lit clouds drift over the ridges and descend into the valleys, as the sun begins to sink below the horizon. These photographs were taken from the verandah, so there is no need to trek into the countryside. Here, at Cardamom House, you can take your prize-winning shots from the comfort of a chair!… Read more »

Get inspired

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A few months ago, the caterpillars were eating the remnants of the last season’s plants. It seems magical. The plant stock has increased in size and now we have an enormous clump of these lines, waiting for you to photograph them. Shankar, Samy and Di have already been inspired!.

Ploughing the Mango Farm

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At last the ground is not too wet and it’s not too dry! Ploughing has started around the mango trees. Some are now about ten feet high and looking extremely healthy. Once the ploughing has been completed, the irrigation ditches can be re-dug. These are attached to a tank filled with water raised by a solar-powered pump. There are still mangoes in the market – and we are already looking forwards to next year’s harvest.

Barking Deer

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Barking Deer are becoming regular visitors on the hillside behind Cardamom House, where there is good cover in the dense vegetation. Occasionally they appear in the clearings above the rocks. More often, we hear them but don’t spot them!

Giant Squirrels

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Over the last few months giant squirrels have been spotted at Cardamom House and in the surrounding gardens and countryside. Their body is roughly the size of European domestic cat. with the tail the same length again.   This is evidence that, as the valley becomes more vegetated, the flourishing habitat is proving hospitable to a wider range of wild life.   Thanks, Polpandi, for taking these photographs.