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Cardamom House overlooks the monsoon dependent Kamarajar Lake near Athoor This family home stay nestles in the unbelievably beautiful foothills of the Western Ghats, close to Sembatti and Dindigul. It provides Western comforts in a rural setting.

British physician, Dr. Chris Lucas established Cardamom House in 1996. Here, you can retreat into nature, away from the bustle and noise of Indian towns. Spend your days relaxing; swimming in the flower-surrounded pool; reading; being creative with your camera, paints or pens; watching birds; or exploring the valley or further afield.

Our staff are our greatest asset. They are here to welcome you and ensure that your stay is enjoyable. They are from local villages and have been trained ‘in house’. They are knowledgeable about local flora, fauna and traditions. They have worked together as a team for up to 22 years. Several of them have visited the U.K and all speak some English.



Telephone Numbers:     Cell  ++91(0)9360691793       Cell ++91(0)9150654461      Landline  ++91(0)451 291 3037  

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